In tandem with the release of our book, Do Not Research 2021-2022, we’ve selected a shortlist of entries that touch on of our communities core interests.

Some pieces make fresh the most basic experiences of life in front of a screen, while others plot far corners of the internet, explaining the fringe right’s hatred of plant-based milk or charting the evolution of online irony. But regardless of subject or medium, all this work — within this list and across the blog — is native to the internet without being numb to it.


Posted by <Holly O> on 2021-09-15

Holly Cow ruminates on the milk wars, casting light on the recent surge in popularity of alternative medicine and diet among the extremely-online

Over-Hyphenated Platform Capitalism Futures

Posted by <DNR Community> on 2022-02-15

In the last 30 minutes of our final reading-group meeting covering Srnicek's Platform Capitalism, participants were encouraged to make an over-hyphenated-speculative scenario based on the themes of the book.

24 Hour Bed PC Live Stream

Posted by <Filip Kostic> on 2021-08-15

Neoliberalism's Toughest Battles < Strongest Soldier Flip Kostic


Posted by <Margo Bergamini>, <Abbey Pusz> on 2021-10-08

DNR FALL 2021 is a transcript of a talk given by co-directors Abbey Pusz and Margo Bergamini. It outlines the goals of DNR and introduces the fall update to the blog.

La La La La (Inside An Empty Room My Inspiration Flows)

Posted by <Nick Vyssotsky> on 2021-06-21

'La La La La (Inside An Empty Room My Inspiration Flows)' feels a bit like an indoctrination video that could have be used by MKultra or in the Ludovico Treatment, portraying a vision of the world defined by humanity's proximity to conflict, technology and precarity.

11 Notes From the Pod

Posted by <Tomi Faison> on 2022-02-15

Is this socialism or do you want me to live in the pod and eat the bugs?


Posted by <Devin Thomas O'Shea> on 2021-09-15

In the lead-up to graduate school in 2016, /lit/ was a way of eavesdropping on pseudo-academic conversations which didn’t end up helping me much while studying. But, I got to know the board, and ever since I’ve wanted to write something about it—especially if this piece can thread the needle of not condoning bigotry while creating a sympathetic account of why this niche exists.

Rate Your Shelf

Posted by <Margo Bergamini> on 2021-04-05

What happens when the posture of the auto-didact reinforces a radical stance — when you read a book to better wage culture war?

The Parasocial Spiral

Posted by <Jak Ritger> on 2021-09-15

In this report, Jak Ritger present three visualizations of how narrative, data and capital flow through digital information systems and offer strategies to subvert, detour or catalyze multi-directional liberation.

Auto Experiment: Hyper Masculinity

Posted by <Joshua Citarella> on 2021-09-15

This summer Joshua Citarella tried every internet folklore male improvement technique.


Posted by <Nate Sloan> on 2021-06-21

Do not kill the part of you that is cringe...

... kill the part that cringes.


Posted by <Dana Greenleaf> on 2022-02-15

A short film that transforms the chat-room of a porn-forum into a techno-feudal court

Wake Up Babe, New Content by Instagram User @poorspigga Just Dropped

Posted by <Poorspigga> on 2021-09-15

POV: you're a man and poorspigga's staring out the meme and somewhere past where you're sitting

Edeologies: Taoist Anarchism

Posted by <Logan Marrow> on 2021-09-15

A deep dive into the niche political community of Taoist Anarchism.

Loli No Knock

Posted by <David Noel> on 2021-04-19

Understanding No-Knock Raids, 2021, single channel video, runtime: 51 seconds

Long Meme

Posted by <Societyiftextwall> on 2021-09-15

Societyiftextwall supplies us with some greenpilled postpromethean antiantiutopian propaganda.

Sketchbook: Abbey Pusz

Posted by <Abbey Pusz> on 2021-09-15

Sketchbook is a series of eight vertical video art pieces. These works explore the often contradictory spiritual desires of today, while foregrounding the radical political demands for a postcapitalist or post-work future.

Plotting Attention Bubbles

Posted by <Anthony Simons>, <Jak Ritger> on 2021-06-21

DNR Contributors Tony and Jak dive into the phenomena of pastel infographics on instagram.

Starseeds: Alienation

Posted by <Matt L> on 2021-03-22

An analysis on the Starseed phenomenon, a spiritual community. While Starseeds are not directly related to Qanon, Matt L compares the two as biproducts of social alienation. Audio is available for this blog entry.